Beer, Wine, and Liquor:  Tips for Party Success
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Beer, Wine, and Liquor:  Tips for Party Success

While my wife and I both enjoy a good glass of wine, neither of us were big beer or liquor drinkers. However, when we were recently planning a big holiday party, we realized that we needed to learn more about beer and liquors, so we could ensure we had alcoholic beverages that all of our guests would enjoy. Thankfully, my wife's brother used to be a bartender, so he taught us which liquors, mixers, and varieties of beer we should have on hand to please everyone at the party. He even showed us how to mix a few popular cocktails, so we could prepare them for guests. Our party was a great success and we are now prepared for future parties. Since we both love sharing our wine knowledge and now enjoy sharing our beer and cocktail tips and tricks, we decided to create a blog to share them on!


Beer, Wine, and Liquor: Tips for Party Success

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    24 February 2019

    Whether you are on a first date with a new fling or a night out with your one and only, there are few things as romantic as dining by the sea. The gentle sounds of waves against the shore and seagulls overhead make for the perfect backdrop to an evening that's just for the two of you. Of course, nothing pairs with good food and good conversation like the right wine.