Beer, Wine, and Liquor:  Tips for Party Success
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Beer, Wine, and Liquor:  Tips for Party Success

While my wife and I both enjoy a good glass of wine, neither of us were big beer or liquor drinkers. However, when we were recently planning a big holiday party, we realized that we needed to learn more about beer and liquors, so we could ensure we had alcoholic beverages that all of our guests would enjoy. Thankfully, my wife's brother used to be a bartender, so he taught us which liquors, mixers, and varieties of beer we should have on hand to please everyone at the party. He even showed us how to mix a few popular cocktails, so we could prepare them for guests. Our party was a great success and we are now prepared for future parties. Since we both love sharing our wine knowledge and now enjoy sharing our beer and cocktail tips and tricks, we decided to create a blog to share them on!


Beer, Wine, and Liquor: Tips for Party Success

Is Your Club Or Organization Raising Money By Hosting An Auction?

Vincent Murray

Do you belong to a club or organization that focuses on service? if so, perhaps you have fund raising events during the year. For example, in November, your group more than likely provides foods for your local homeless food kitchen. In December, it is likely that toys are collected for children whose parents can't afford to buy them.

Is your next fundraiser an auction? Are you the head of that committee? If so, from planning entertainment to arranging for donated wine to be part of the event, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Entertainment - Whether you are having a seated dinner or whether those who attend your event will be just having finger foods passed on trays, the event will be enhanced by having entertainment provided, right? Consider matching the entertainment to the focus of your fundraising project. For example, if you are raising money in order to provide new books to your local library, think of having a gifted reader read passages from classics like To Kill A Mockingbird or Gone With The Wind. 

Maybe your group is raising money for gifted music students to have the opportunity to attend a music-based summer camp. If that's the case, think of having a children's choir perform at your event.

Wine Donations - Whether you are having a formal seated dinner or whether you are offering trays with things like cheese, tiny sandwiches, and specialty cookies, you could save a lot of money by having wine donated for your event. Explain to the agent you speak with at the liquor store that you are having an important fundraiser. Explain what your goals are and that the donation of wine would go a long way in helping on the financial end of the event.

Even if you don't know about different wines yourself, the person in charge of donating the wine will be happy to help you with a selection that will complement the food that is being served. If extra bottles are offered for the actual auction, consider turning them into a larger presentation. For example, a local theater might offer tickets to an upcoming show. Those tickets could be part of the wine presentation. 

Of course, you'll want to make sure that those in attendance will know who donated the wine. If there is a printed program, acknowledge the wine donation in the program. Otherwise, do that at the appropriate time. For example, when you are acknowledging who provided the dinner or the treats for the evening, be sure to include those who offered to donate wine